Closed Cell

Closed-cell spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation is an air barrier material that can have an initial pass thickness of 5 inches. Closed-cell medium-density foam insulation is suitable for use in both exterior and interior applications.

Closed-cell spray foam exterior applications

Medium-density closed-cell foam insulation is suitable for use in both exterior and interior applications

  • Can be applied at very low temperatures (as low as 5oF)
  • Adds wall racking strength as well as impact resistance
  • Ideal for continuous insulation solutions
  • Higher R-value* per inch  – easier to accommodate high R-value* requirements in narrow spaces
  • Lower vapor permeance (can be a Class II VDR)
  • Can reject bulk water (ideal for flood zones)
  • Higher tensile and bond strength

The product is for use as thermal insulation and air barrier in:


  • Exterior walls as continuous insulation
  • Wall cavities
  • Floor assemblies
  • Attics (vented and unvented)
  • crawl spaces (vented and unvented)
  • Foundation walls on the interior or exterior
  • Underfloor slabs

Health & Safety

Committed to Responsible Application

Spray foam insulation products have an excellent health and safety record spanning more than 425,000 projects over more than 25 years.

During the application, everyone must vacate the job site for at least 2 hours after spraying is completed to allow active ventilation of the job site and to ensure the foam has completely cured.

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