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Pro-Foam can Reduce your heating loss by up to 50% in your home, commercial or industrial applications!

Profoam was formed in 2004, based out of Bismarck, ND. Icycene insulation system is a spray foam that is non-toxic environmentally safe and has been endorsed by the Lung Association. Icycene Insulation Systems works to minimizes air leakage to increase energy efficiency, reduce noise, reduce outdoor pollen, allergies and pollutants. As energy prices rise homeowners and business are lacking way's to become more cost-efficient, this foam insulation can reduce heating/cooling cost up to 50%.

Profoam installers have been certified by insulation companies following an intense training course. Profoam insulation can help you with your insulation needs in new homes, remodeled, commercial and agricultural structures.

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For more questions Email: mike@profoamnd.com


For more questions Email: mike@profoamnd.com


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